Level 2 BTEC Sport: Unit 1

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Course Curriculum

Learning Aim A
Learning Aim B
Learning Aim C
  • What are components of fitness
  • Why components of fitness are important
  • Calculating Training intensities
  • Principles of training
  • Flexibility training methods
  • Aerobic endurance training methods
  • Muscular Strength training methods
  • Speed and power training methods
  • Fitness test procedures
  • Sub-max and maximal fitness tests
  • Use of normative data in testing
  • Validity, reliability and practicality

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the lessons in the course?

There are 12 lessons in the BTEC Sport Unit 1 Course, all of which range from 15 to 25 minutes each. Students are told what exactly the lesson will cover at the start, as well as directions on where they can find the corresponding activity sheet.

Should I watch a lesson if I haven't covered it in school yet?

Of course! The tutors delivering this course are qualified teachers and have experience delivering Level 2 BTEC Sport. They plan and deliver lessons no differently to how they would teach it in school, so should you cover content with us first, you'll have a head start when you come to covering it for a second time in school. Should you wish to bypass a lesson however, you can always return to it once you have covered it in school.

Can I replay lessons when I want to revise the material nearer to my exam?

Yes, the entirety of the learning material written for the BTEC Sport course is available to students while enrolled on the programme. We set no limits on the frequency or duration that students can use the course content.

When can I ask a tutor a question about something I don't understand?

In one word - whenever! There are zero limits or restrictions placed on the frequency, timing or topic of your questions. On the course dashboard, there is a contact form that submits questions straight to the inbox of one of our tutors. So, should you have a question mid-lesson or during a homework task, you can fire it off in the contact form and a tutor will film a response and make it available to you.

Where do I go to complete the activity sheets?

There are 2 choices. The first is to view the onscreen file and answer the questions verbally or using paper in front of you. Alternatively, you can enter the download chapter in your course curriculum and print off both the activity and answer sheets locally.

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